smart solutions for a healthy indoor climate - modern facades with large window areas promise light-filled spaces and views.

However, rooms are intensely heated by solar radiation especially in the summer months. For this purpose, esco offers effective sun protection screens and smart ventilation systems that provide a natural and healthy indoor climate.

Controlled, natural ventilation with smart ventilation systems

Controlled natural ventilation through automatically controlled, motor-driven windows enables a healthy indoor climate and energy-efficient cooling of buildings. Elements can be activated individually or in the digital bus mode through a ventilation station. The motor-driven ventilation is controlled through a time control or sensors that measure the temperature or the CO2 content in the room and provide ventilation as needed.

FIXSCREEN® sun protection screen

Sun protection screen with a view. The best method against overheating is to shield rays of sunlight as they hit the glass surface. FIXSCREEN® from Renson is the world's first vertical awning that is dependably windproof. Heat and light remain outside, while glare and reflections on screens are avoided. The view of the outside remains unobstructed.

Louver and ventilation elements

In our facility in Erfurt we plan and produce custom ventilation screens and continuous louver systems in various designs. Our delivery program includes louver windows with glass or aluminum louvers, frameless or with different frame variants, non-insulated or thermally insulated frame profiles for ventilation purposes or used as natural smoke and heat venting devices. Flush-mounted louver closures combine functionality and aesthetics in the facade.

Electric hinged shutters

esco develops motor-driven folding sliding shutters depending on the property. They are used for shading and are design elements of the facade. Heights of up to 5 m per hinged shutter are available.

Ventilation flaps

Ventilation flaps were designed for building cooling purposes. esco has manual and motor-driven hardware solutions for turning and pivot-sliding-turning types of opening.




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