the system for systems. systeQ is our carefree package for metal workers. systeQ represents efficient and simple fabrication.

With our own trademark for integrated fitting solutions we offer processors complete solutions, which are adjusted to prevalent profile systems. systeQ is the system for systems: efficient, reliable, conforming to standards.

System – Technology – Quality: Metal workers demand high-quality products that can be processed rationally. With the integrated fitting solutions from systeQ esco offers products and service for simple planning, efficient work preparation and frictionless fabrication.

All components are adjusted to the profile systems of renowned producers. Mortise locks and multi-point lockings are interchangeable, due to unitary milling dimensions, the fabrication becomes thereby more efficient from an economic point of view.The system for systems comprises besides products, also assembly drawings, documentation and CE certificate.

SYSTEQ – a system offering many advantages

  • simple construction: all components can be applied in almost all existing profile systems
  • efficient production planning: documentation and software solutions assist in the selection of profiles and in production
  • economic production: fewer types of fittings
  • simple assembly: detailed assembly drawings with uniform processing dimensions
  • legal security: escape door sets certified according to EN 179 and EN 1125
  • conforming to standards: all systeQ-products are conforming to standards and certified.






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