certified high-quality products - esco offers certified quality. you can rely on the safety and sustainability of esco products.

Our portfolio meets all established DIN and EN standards. esco continuously addresses new rules and standards. Certificates guarantee that esco products meet bidding requirements.

EN 14351 CE labellabeling

With the new building product regulations CE labellabeling is now subject to uniform regulations all across Europe starting 2013. For the CE labellabeling of windows and doors esco offers a simple and convenient online solution for drawing up the required documents with CE-Fix®

DIN 18650 for automatic door systems

Automatic door systems in Germany enjoy the world's highest safety standard. The safety requirements of the EU Machine Directive are implemented and the state of the art newly described in the new DIN 18650. The comprehensive standard covers all safety aspects of automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors.

Machine directive for power-operated windows

The design and construction of these power-operated windows require compliance with Machine Directive 2006/42/EC for power-operated windows and the submission of a risk analysis, declaration of conformity and system description.

EN 1155 for swing doors

Electrically operated swing doors for escape and rescue routes from esco meet EN 1155.

EN 12101-2

esco tests natural smoke and heat venting devices pursuant to the testing criteria codified in EN 12101-2.

DIN 1946-6

The DIN 1946-6 2009-05 standard "applies to the free and fan-supported ventilation of homes and similarly used rooms (...). This standard defines the requirements for the design, execution and startup, operation and maintenance of necessary ventilation components (...)." The following applies here: esco draws up a ventilation plan for newly built or modernized buildings with changes affecting ventilation engineering.

DIN 18040 – barrier-free construction

esco offers matching product solutions for barrier-free construction with door closers and revolving door drives from well-known manufacturers.

EN 179 and EN 1125

esco has been dealing with escape and rescue routes from the very beginning. We offer individual package solutions using certified escape door fittings.





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