Individual solutions for individual demands.
Each door is a unique product.

esco is your solutions partner for the realization of safety concepts and special door solutions which correspond to the highest demands.
Tailor-made, versatile, unique.

In the field of the multifunctional door, esco is an expert in terms of range of products as well of comprehensive specific expertise. We have structured both in a way that the customers receive exactly what they need - from the individual product to the system solution and up to the assumption of overall projects with a guarantee for optimum support and execution. It cannot be more comfortable and efficient from an economic point of view!

Even safety components look good at esco. The modules from esco facilitate reliable system solutions with numerous combination possibilities, which blend in a homogenous appearance.

Security In:

Who is allowed to get in? esco offers automatic door systems regulating entry into a building by means of card readers, fingerscan or blue chip. The access authorization can be administrated individually and very simply.

Safety out:

For emergency exits and anti-panic doors esco offers mechanic fittings and security locks, corresponding to the escape way regulations according to EN 179 and EN 1125.

Security out:

An additional lock prevents that people can leave a building in an uncontrolled way. This is possible with a magnetic clamp or an electric escape door opener with catch lock. In case of emergency the escape door can be released by an emergency button.





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