systeQ GO

systeQ GO – The invisible and silent power package for entry doors.

A situation one often encounters: one stays with lots of bags in front of the entry door, the key is hidden in the pocket. One has to put everything down in order to be able to open the door.

There is another way and the solution is called systeQ GO.

We offer door manufacturers and specialised door vendors this door drive suitable for universal use within different door profiles (aluminium, wood, synthetic material).

systeQ GO is used whenever one searches for comfort and safety while opening or closing an entry door.
It can be assembled easily and it is certified according to DIN 18650. It can be incorporated in a low energy door, without further safety measures.

  • The door drive shall be incorporated invisibly in the door leaf and it shall be operated by a handheld transmitter (or alternatively by a smartphone or fingerprint).
  • The entry door can be easily and especially silently opened and closed and it facilitates all dwellers a contactless and barrier-free access to their home or apartment.
  • The safety is ensured by an integrated collision/jamming protection in the area of the lock, as well as the protection against vandalism. The manual operation of the door is possible at any time. In this case, as well as in the case of electronic operation, the lock closing is entirely suitable from the point of view security.

systeQ GO – the convenient way to enter.

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